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Do you play Harp?

Ever wondered about the origins of the music you are learning?

Who wrote it and what was their inspiration?

What was happening in Scotland when that tune was being played?

Come with me on a road less travelled to explore the heart, history and sound of Scottish traditional music in this new, unique subscription service for harpists.

Together, we will learn the music, see the sights, explore the traditions, and really EXPERIENCE the music.

From the strong strathspeys on the East coast, to the lilting Gaelic songs on the West, the border ballads in the South...all the way to the fast Sheltand reels up North!

What's included?

Each month includes...

  • 4 harp video tutorials

  • warm up / technical exercises

  • history and background

  • location visits in Scotland - and beyond!

More detail...

Each month you will learn one full harp arrangement through a series of 4 pre-recorded video tutorials. The lessons guide you through the main learning points of your new piece.

You can access your lessons at any point during the month and revisit them as many times as you like. Beginner and advanced options will be available, sheet music will be given to support learning.

Each month introduces a new theme. This could be a person, a place, a time period or genre/style.

Your new repertoire is grounded in the background and history lessons provided. Here we will dive into the traditions, landscape and people that truly make Scottish music unique!

Of course let's not forget about your technique!! You will also have a weekly warm up and technical lesson to keep your hands and body in tip top playing condition!

Content is released weekly into your online learning portal.

Bonus material

Also included throughout the year...

  • Theory

    Not only will you be given your repertoire, but you will be supported to truly appreciate music. How do composers write music? How do you start arranging? Heather guides you through tips and tricks to develop and personalise your music.

  • Specialist Interviews

    Meet those who live and breathe this music. Heather interviews tradition bearers, top musicians and tutors and other professionals to bring you the best, expert, up to date information and advice available.

  • Live Zoom Sessions

    4 times per year there will be the opportunity to join Heather in a live zoom session for the real 'in house' experience. This is your chance to ask questions about any of the course content, request topics and learn direct from Heather.


Available packages:


Standard package - access to all content.

Quarterly feedback - standard package plus personal video message feedback. Student submits one video every three months (videos no longer than 15 minutes) for feedback from Heather. Limited spaces.

Monthly feedback - standard package plus personal video message feedback. Student submits one video every month (videos no longer than 15 minutes) for feedback from Heather. Limited spaces.


  • What playing level is this aimed at?

    From beginner to expert, there will be content available for all!!

  • How is the music taught?

    Each month participants can expect to learn one full arrangement of a piece of music. Weekly video tutorials will guide you through this learning process, teaching each part of the music by ear. Sheet music will be available to download and keep to support learning and to create a bank of repertoire.

  • How long do I have access to the material?

    Each week new material will be posted for you to work on throughout that week, this is cumulative work and so you will find it easier to work through the weeks sequentially. Material will be left on site for one month before being taken down. i.e. January's material will be posted and left up till the start of March. February's material will be available till the start of April, ect.

  • Is there a minimum sign up period?

    No, you can cancel your subscription at anytime.

  • When and how will the zoom sessions work?

    4 times a year Heather will offer live zoom sessions. This is your opportunity to receive feedback from Heather, ask questions and learn directly from her and other course participants - plus they are really good fun!! Zoom dates and times will be emailed to all participants at the start of the month.

  • What if I can't make a zoom session?

    All sessions will be recorded and made available on the student portal.

  • How do I find out more information about Heather?

    You can visit my website at, follow me on Facebook or subscribe to my YouTube channel

  • Is feedback available on the standard package?

    No. Feedback is only available on one of the feedback packages (monthly or quarterly).

    You can also sign up for a one off zoom lesson, get in touch for more details!

  • What type of content is included in the lessons?

    Content is largely video based. Sheet music and PDFs will also be available for certain lessons.